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History of the fishing club

Foundation of the Fishing Club

How it all began:
There had always been anglers in Baunach long bevor the fishing club was founded. Thanks to gravel excavation in the Peuntwiesen in the 1960s, it became possible for the Baunach's anglers to establish fishing lakes near the town.

From these beginnings, some anglers joined together to form a club.
On 6 January 1968, the following people held their inaugural meeting in a former pub called Zahn (Tooth).

Burkard Richard

Düßel Dieter

Martin Ernst

Kreyer Siegfried

Reich Fritz

Roppelt Manfred

Schmitt Alfred

Schmitt Andreas

Seuß Karl

Zahn Andreas

At this meeting, the foundaation of the club was prepared and the date 28 January 1968 fixed. Futhermore, the local newspaper called upon any interested citizens to enrol as members of the club.

Foundation Meeting :

The following people were present at the foundation meeting on 28 January 1968 in the Zahn:

Martin Ernst
Roppelt Manfred
Schönlein Josef
Dietz Robert
Wild Wolfgang
Schmitt Alfred
Zahn Andreas
Kreyer Siegfried
Düßel Dieter
Seuß Karl
Reich Fritz
Muckelbauer Manfred
Einwich Walter
Janetka Manfred
Riegel Michael
Janetka Anita
Grasser Andreas
Gruß Gerhard
Zerbst Erhard
Gruß Marianne
Zerbst Ilse
Leimeister Adelbert Dumsky Andreas
Horn Baptist
Wischmeier Fritz
Schwinn Siegfried
The then deputy mayor Anton Hümmer chaired the meeting and presided over the election of the board.
From the members present at the meeting, the following people were elected to the board. :

Vice President

Martin Ernst
Roppelt Manfred
Düßel Dieter
Seuß Karl
Grasser Andreas und Dumsky Andreas

To the local association was the pub Zahn selected .

The returning officer 2. mayor Anton Hümmer spend to start of the club the first money .

the first fisher king was Janetka Manfred.